Hypocrisy (2)!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

There are some who do not know themselves to be hypocrites, they are nonetheless in the eyes of God. They continue in a drudging and grudging way of duty, with a sort of natural propensity to it, because they’re born to it, or because of their education, or even common principles adopted from the gospel. This was Paul the apostle once (1Timothy 1:13). The foolish virgin and the young man spoken of by Jesus were the same. When a person comes under the gospel this disposition can be developed, they become so sincere in following the letter of the gospel, yet remain as they are, hypocrites, not true believers. It’s not their intention that makes them hypocrites before God, in fact they are to be most pitied, for they go almost as it were, innocently to hell. They think, believe they love Christ, but have never experienced the love flaming in them of the power of Divine love, and spiritual, gospel principles. The mistake comes from firstly; not having thoroughly discovered their natural sinful state. It is in a way impossible, that for a person whom God has shown them their sinful state, to be satisfied without saving love. Secondly; it arises from a general esteem of the gospel, as being an excellent story, and a much better way of life. Thirdly; because they have a sense of comfort and composure for the present. Fourthly; because they lack a thorough examination of the soul. So try your heart by the law and the gospel. If ever God removes the veil, you will be as surprised as was Paul on the Damascus road, and wonder what on earth God is doing with you. But do understand that there can be hypocrisy in the soul, when a person is not a hypocrite formally speaking.

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