Cauld Winter’s Howlin’! (In Dundee)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Cauld winter wis howling o’er moor and o’er mountain,
When men in Dundee wis the gospel a-preachin’
It wis just about mid-day to all who were listening
They spoke about sin & God’s law a-breakin’.

Says the American preacher I really must tell ye
These sin’s if you keep ’em will send you to hell
It was said most sincerely and from the heart a plea
When a hate-filled wifey began tae yell.

At once she dissented an’ geid her opinion
She appeared like a devil in feature and form
Her hate-filled speech o’ Christ and redemption
Expressing a nature in need of reform.

The preacher who’d reach her continued to speak
Of God and his Christ, sent for sinners to save
But she phoned the polis still bent on her cheek
Blaspheming wi’ bile, she continued to rave.

The preacher was lifted, he was thrown in the jail
No crime was committed they just wanted tae tell
Souls hardened in sin and beyond the pale
How Scotland could avoid goin’ tae hell.

So here’s to Dundee and bonnie Scotland
An’ any young man who’d venture tae preaching
Be warned o’ the dangers in this hostile land
That flourishes not, by the gospel’s preaching.

(© James R Hamilton, written 1st, October, 2014)

Sermon Audio

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