Does God Have Compassion for the Lost?

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Is this a dumb question? No, because it would seem that there are many Christians who don’t have compassion for the lost. If we are called to follow Jesus, ought we not to, not just show, but actually have the same compassion for the lost that he had. In Matthew 9:36, the word compassion is deep, he had passion in his compassion. His desire at this point was to spend time with his disciples, undisturbed. But he saw the crowd. It was this sight that melted his heart, he was moved to the very core of his being. And, please get this, in spite of all the unbelief he had encountered from them, in spite of his desire to withdraw from public view and be alone with believers. What stirred him? They were like sheep without a shepherd. Jesus saw more than just a crowd of people, he saw their spiritual state, lost. Sheep that don’t have a shepherd and stray helplessly are bound to perish. Jesus saw the fate of these people unless they were shepherded. God is a lot more compassionate than you think he is. Jesus is the revelation of God. So when you see Jesus loving, you see God loving. When you see Jesus healing, you see God healing. When you see Jesus expressing compassion, you see God expressing compassion. God is compassionate towards the lost. God save us from our dispassion. Jesus continued to heal the sick and taught them the kingdom. Why did he heal them? Because they were sick and he had a heart full of compassion for them, simple, no other reason. He was moved in the depths of his being for these people in their suffering and lostness. There is an attitude amongst some Christians and churches that say, we’re here and we faithfully open the doors of our church each Sunday. So if they want the good news about Jesus let them come, we’ll give it to them. That is neither faithfulness nor Christ-likeness. That is an attitude of hard-heartedness, that needs to be taken and nailed to the cross. Pray that God would give you his heart for the lost, one that is broken and full of unceasing anguish for sinners (Romans 9:2). May the Lord save us from a theology that is cold, clinical, from a theology that is pervasively anti-supernatural and without a care for perishing souls.

(© James R Hamilton, 1st January 2014)
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2 thoughts on “Does God Have Compassion for the Lost?

  1. Jesus isn’t like us. There’s the man, shrinking from the horror of the cross and having compassion on the lost; yet Jesus as God has predestined some to die in their sins.

    While God has the right to hate sinners, since he’s pure, we don’t, since all that differentiates us from the world is grace.

  2. Fole Reformed Pulpit

    He is like us, in his humanity. Yes, he has predestined some to eternal damnation, yes he hates the wicked everyday. Yes, grace alone makes the difference. Still he, Jesus, wept over a reprobate Jerusalem, wept on the cross for his crucifiers and asked that they be forgiven. Still, the apostle Paul weeps for his own nation with unceasing anguish and does so knowing God’s judgment is shortly coming (A.D.70-75), knowing also that some, many of them were predestined to eternal condemnation. These truths do not alleviate us of the responsibility to show mercy and act compassionately towards the lost. Anyone who can hold to and declare these truths without feeling compassion towards those who are and perhaps in the sovereign will of God shall perish in their sins, is sub-Christian to say the least.

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