Evil Pursues Sinners!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

On June 8, 1693, two young women, (the one English, the other Negro), were executed at Boston for murdering their bastard children. The English young woman gave to the Minister who preached that afternoon the following paper of confessions which he took occasion in his sermon to publish unto the congregation, where she also was then present before the Lord:

“I am a miserable sinner; and I have justly provoked the holy God to leave me unto that folly of my own heart, for which I am now condemned to die. I cannot but see much of the anger of God against me, in the circumstances of my woeful death. He has fulfilled upon me that word of his. ‘Evil pursueth sinners’. I, therefore, desire humbly to confess my many sins before God and the world; but most particularly my blood guiltiness”.

“Before the birth of my twin infants, I too much parleyed with the temptations of the devil to smother my wickedness by murdering of them. At length, when they were born, I was not insensible that at least one of them was alive; but such a wretch was I, as to use a murderous carriage towards them, in the place where I lay, on purpose to dispatch them out of the world. I acknowledge that I have been more hard-hearted than the sea monsters: And yet, for the pardon of these my sins, I would fly to the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the only “fountain set open for sin and uncleanness”. I know not how better to glorify God, for giving me such an opportunity as I have had to make sure of his mercy, than by advising and entreating the rising generation here to take warning by my example; I will, therefore, tell the sins that have brought me to my shameful end. I do warn all people, and especially young people, against the sin of uncleanness in particular: It is that sin that hath been my ruin. Well had it been for me, if I had answered all temptations to that sin as Joseph did, “how shall I do this wickedness, and sin against God?” But, I see, bad company is that which leads to that, and all other sins: And I, therefore, beg all that love their souls to be familiar with none but such as fear God. I believe the chief thing that hath brought me into my present condition, is my disobedience to my parents, I despised all their godly counsels and reproofs; and I was always of a haughty, stubborn spirit. So that now I have become a dreadful instance of the curse of God belonging to disobedient children. I must bewail this also, that although I was baptised, yet when I grew up, I forgot the bonds that were laid upon me to be the Lord’s. Had I given myself to God, as soon as I was capable of considering that I had been in baptism set apart for him, how happy had I been? It was my delay to repent of my former sins, that provoked God to leave me unto the crimes for which I am now to die. Had I seriously repented of my uncleanness the first time I fell into it, I do suppose I had not been left unto what followed. Let all take it from me: they little think what they do, when they put off turning from sin to God and resist the strivings of the Holy Spirit. I fear it is for this that I have been given up to such ‘hardness of heart’, not only since my long imprisonment but also since my condemnation. I now know not what will become of my distressed, perishing soul. But I would humbly commit it unto the mercy of God in Jesus Christ. Amen.”

(James R Hamilton, December 2013)
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