LORD of All Creation!

O Lord of all creation,
The God who formed it all;
The universe, the planets,
All creatures, great and small.
Your glory and Your love,
Your majesty and grace;
Are clearly seen by all,
Who gaze on Jesus’ face.

Your wisdom and Your greatness,
The vastness of Your being;
Your Godhead in its fulness,
Eternal and divine,
O God You are most splendid,
Your beauty it does shine,
But in the lovely Jesus,
It’s fulness is most fine.

Who can deny Your being Lord,
Who dares to shut their eyes;
To truth so plain and simple,
That’d make them O so wise.
The sun in all its brightness,
The ocean depths and span;
All things which can’t express,
What only Jesus can.

Your love and Your compassion,
Your reconciling plan;
Your passion and Your pardon,
Your grace to sinful man.
All this is seen in Jesus,
What only he could show;
In him is all the fulness,
Through Him our God to know.

O Jesus how we love You,
You’ve changed us, made us new;
You cleansed and energised us,
Such God alone can do.
You brought us to the Father,
You made us one with him;
You gave us full salvation,
And saved us from our sin.

(Sung to the tunes Aurelia, Bentley or Angels Story; 7 6. 76. D)

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